How to start working with us?

We are happy that you have visited hirezbox.com. In order to use all opportunities of our site, it is necessary to register. A registration takes several minutes. You have to enter a correct e-mail address, and if you forgot your password, you will be able to restore an access to the site with the help of the e-mail address.

What does registration on the site give?

After registration on hirezbox.com, you will be able to download mp3 music, create your playlists, use bonuses and special offers, receive information about all innovations. You may be confident that the provided data during the registration will be well secured, and third parties will not have any access to it.

Why do not I receive a confirmation about the registration to the e-mail?

First of all, check a correctness of your e-mail address. Secondly, check in Spam. Some webmail services may send our e-mails to Spam. If the address is correct and there is no our e-mail in Spam, contact a support.

Why I cannot login?

Difficulties with the access to the system may be due to the non-activated account by the link sent to your e-mail address. The access may be also restricted because cookies are disabled. Enable cookies in your browser in order to have an access to the site. If it did not help, contact a support.

How can I contact a customer support service?

You may contact a customer support service 24/7. You have to send an e-mail to s[email protected] or use Contact Us page. Please, describe your problem in details, so that our coworkers could quickly solve your problem. If needed, add a link or screenshot of your problem.

How to download music on hirezbox.com?

In order to download music on hirezbox.com it is necessary to have a positive balance on your account. Then go to the page with requires track and click on Download next to it. Before downloading music, you may listen to it and only then download it to your album. All bought tracks are kept in your personal account, in My Downloads. You may download it at any time.

How to replenish the balance?

In order to replenish the balance and download music on hirezbox.com, go to your personal account and then go to Balance. You will open a page with available deposits. Select the required sum and way of payment and click on Pay now. A page with selected deposit will occur. All prices are understood in USD. If you have questions or problems with replenishing the balance, please contact a support.

Is the sum charged every month to replenish the balance?

There are not subscriber fees on hirezbox.com, and a selected sum will not be charged off your bank card. A payment is made only for a song and only from your personal account. If you have to download a song, you have to replenish the balance on your own.

If I didn’t spend all sum, how would be my money used?

If an unused sum is left on your balance, it is kept on the site for indefinite time. money is not charged from your balance and is not expired. You may also take out your money.

I have downloaded music but I cannot find it on my computer

All music is usually downloaded on one of three folders as a default: My Music, Downloads, and Desktop. If there are no songs in those folders, use a search of the track by author/name. if you cannot find a song, go to your personal account on hirezbox.com and try to download the bought track again from the My Downloads.