Here you can download Heroes (Limited Edition) music Album
Heroes (Limited Edition)
Artists: Sabaton
Genres: Pop/Rock
Full: Download
Title Duration Quality
Heroes (Limited Edition)
Night Witches 3:01 FLAC Download
No Bullets Fly 3:37 FLAC Download
Smoking Snakes 3:14 FLAC Download
Inmate 4859 4:26 FLAC Download
To Hell And Back 3:26 FLAC Download
The Ballad Of Bull 3:53 FLAC Download
Resist And Bite 3:27 FLAC Download
Soldier Of 3 Armies 3:38 FLAC Download
Far From The Fame 3:47 FLAC Download
Hearts Of Iron 4:28 FLAC Download
7734 (Bonus Track) 3:32 FLAC Download
Man Of War (Bonus Track) 3:47 FLAC Download

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Heroes (Limited Edition) Album by Sabaton are released in 2014 year, you can download Sabaton songs from HirezBox an get unforgettable pleasure by listening Pop/Rock music created by Sabaton.
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