Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you register on, you agree with all rules and requirements of the website and are ready to be responsible for your actions. If you do not agree with one or several requirements, do not register and do not use the services of The site administration reserves the right to change the rules of the website, a registration procedure and providing services.

Security of your personal data

Security of personal data is a main task of our company. Our website collects personal information about users and uses the obtained data to create more universal products to protect every user. If you do not agree that our website collects your personal data, do not register on and do not use it for your own purposes.  

All collected data is encrypted by means of modern methods of the electronical security and is not available to third party. You are guaranteed a complete anonymity on the Internet and a confidentiality of your data indicated on

What data do we collect?

IP address

Information about IP address helps us to provide a high level of service. A collection of the IP addresses helps to solve technical issues, hasten a process of the recovery of password and access to the website, reduce hacking and attack of your personal account by third party.


A collection of cookies is a standard practice on the Internet. This information helps to detect needs of our customers, and makes a general impression about popularity of our resources: what section of the site is often visited and is popular. Cookies do not collect your personal information: email, passwords, and login.

Your personal information

The administration of may receive your personal information at any time (your e-mail, correspondence, statistics, etc) in order to provide you with quality services. This will help to quickly restore an access to the site, and will keep you informed about latest events. pays a special attention to a confidentiality of your personal information, and therefore it uses the most modern products of the protection. The administration of the site may not disclose your personal data without your permission.  

Your financial information

To pay for services, you have to provide your payment data (account with institution or just an account number). In order to protect your financial information, uses the modern SSL algorithm (cryptographic protocol) that guarantees the maximal secure and confidentiality. All financial procedures are anonymous and the site administration does not have a right to disclose information about payments.  

Why do we collect your personal information?

All personal information is collected to increase a quality of the provided services. Due to the obtained data, the site may inform you about new products and services, bonuses, discounts, changes on the site, and changes in the payments mechanism, and others.  

In addition, the site may use your personal information to contact you in case of the unauthorized access to your personal account or to provide an important information. Knowing your personal information, the site is able to protect your account and you from third parties, and hasten a procedure of the recovery of password or login if you lost an access to the site.

We collect your personal information but your right of integrity is very important to use, and we guarantee you the maximal protection. The website and administration do not give your information to advertising companies, business corporation, and other people.