Terms And Conditions


Service Description

The provided information is for personal, non-business use. You bear responsibility for software program(s), and/or hardware you use and to access websites offering the Service, and/or download, stream, play back, transfer or burn Materials or Tracks available on the Service, and/or browse, connect to or use the Internet. The Service does not belong to any other products, and thus buying other products shall not imply a guaranteed access to the service. You might install software required to use all advantages provided by the Site but not ordered on it.

2. Accounts and Login Data

Register and convey information such as name, email address, and password in order to use the Service. You will create your personal account called My Account. During registration you should provide complete, accurate, and actual data, and you agree to update this data on a regular basis. Only one account is allowed. The Site administration will punish a user for the creation of many accounts.    

3. Account security

The Site Administration will close your Account for any attempts to break instructions, or hack the site with the help of various tools and different software. That is why, you bear responsibility to secure and maintain a confidentiality of your account. Inform the Site, if you suspect the unauthorized use of your personal data and/or password. The Site is not responsible for any losses due to the unauthorized use of your account. You agree to guard Site, its agents, licensors, subsidiaries, affiliates for any unauthorized, illegal or incorrect use of your Account and the site. You may fail to have unauthorized access to the Site.

4. Permission to communicate with you by e-mail

You permit the Site to communicate with you by e-mail after the registration. When you buy products through the Site, you will be informed by e-mail.

5. Objectionable Material

If you use the service, you may face Content which is indecent, offensive, or objectionable, and this content may be or may be not regarded as explicit language. The site is not responsible for any offensive, or indecent, or objectionable content you may read. You use the Service on your own responsibility. The Site reserves the use of content, service, tracks, and software.  

6. Content

Graphics, video, all software, all music, text, logos, trademarks, interfaces, images, and other elements of the Site (it also includes organization, election, layout and coordination of the content) is the property of the Site. Trade dress, trademark, copyright, intellectual right laws protect this content. Only Site permits to transmit, display, publish, upload, record, rent, retransmit, digitize, distribute, reproduce, market, alter, perform, or copy to other devices, websites, or other medium for only commercial purposes.

7. Usage rules of content

The Site retains the right to execute the usage rules of content with or without noticing you. The access to the use of any track(s) is limited by the rules which are described in this paragraph. You are not allowed to attempt, decrypt, circumvent, alter, or use special software. The provided Samples are free of charge, so you can use them as long as you want. You are not allowed to support other attempts to copy, or download the Samples. Purchased Tracks or other digital materials are regarded as “Download”. The downloaded tract may be transferred to your device, saved to the hard drive, or burned to DVD. The Site is not responsible for damaged, lost, or failed Downloads. You are allowed to use purchased downloads for non-business and personal use only.   

8. Forbidden use of Digital Downloads

You are not allowed to decompile, modify, disassemble or disable copy protection or use system of limitation. Altering of the Content and a creation of “derivative works” are not allowed. Downloads cannot be played and redigitized. Downloads cannot be used in combination with other third-party content (for instance, providing sound for a movie). You are not allowed to upload downloads to the Internet. Sharing of files is prohibited. You are not allowed to share or transfer Downloads to different devices to do that.  

9. Right loss by Site

Site may lose rights at any time and will not be able to share certain Material or/and Tracks. In this case, you will not have any access to those Materials/Tracks from the library or will not be able to use them in the catalog of the Site.    

Charges / Payment

10. Consent to pay

You bear responsibility for charges on the account that may be done by any person using your account. Keep your account confidential and secure. You consent to pay for the provided Service. Site uses prepaid payment system.

11. Selling to end customers only

Site does not sell products to exporters, music dealers, wholesalers, or other companies. An end customer may buy the Service only.

12. Right of surrender

Site keeps the right to deny Product sale or Service to any End Customer, for any reason.

13. right to change availability of product and prices

Site does not protect prices and does not refund in case of promotional offering or cost drop. Site has the right to change prices and product availability at any time.

14. Refunds

In case you do not like the service quality, you may ask for a refund. This request will be considered by the Site administration. In this case, you should apply to the indicated e-mail address and describe your reason to receive a refund. Administration will consider your application at once if it does not exceed 5% of the sum paid to the account, and more than 30 days did not pass after the payment. When the refund is made, your account is blocked. You will not be allowed to register on the site. NOTE: If you bought only one song or album, the Site will not approve a refund.   

15. Taxes and Method of Payment

You pay for music only. A cost of song/album contains taxes. No extra fees are used.

Master Card, Visa credit cards are accepted. Money orders, cash or checks are not accepted. Site has the right to change these terms at any time. you are in agreement to pay charges and all fees related to your purchase(s) (with all taxes), at current rates. You have a responsibility for any unauthorized amount presented with a bill by a third party. Follow all Conditions and Terms of Usage a cardholder in order to pay for digital download or products.  


Other Features, and Terms & Conditions

16. Restrictions

You are not allowed to use Service or any its part to post, upload, display, transmit, perform any messages, materials or content that are considered as obscene, illegal, threatening, invasive of privacy; to use software with viruses or computers to alter the functionality or any system; violate fiduciary, contractual, or confidentiality obligation. You are not allowed to disrupt or interfere the service. You are not allowed to use a false e-mail address as this would lead to fake identity.

17. Rights of Site

Site may adapt, copy, transmit, sublicense display or perform any provided content to promote the Service when you post inputting data, messages, or engage any other form of communication. If the provided information contains proprietary rights, you agree that Site has unrestricted right to exploit it. You agree that messages, content, and material are accurate; you guarantee that you control or own rights to the messages, content, and material you upload, post, transmit, and display; that messages, materials and content do not violate third-party rights, and do not harm other people; that you indemnify Site, its subsidiaries, parents, partners, agents, and licensors as applicable for all claims resulting from provided messages, materials, and content. You agree to have a complete responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the provided messages, content, or materials.   

18. Privacy

Refer to the Privacy Policy of the Site to get more detailed information about collected information by the service.

19. Copyrights

All compilation of postings, content, links, and descriptions of the Internet resources used on the Site music store are the property of their owners. The use of any service part that is not allowed in this Agreement is prohibited and subject to criminal penalties. All provided materials are for personal use only. The license of the Rightholders Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively (NP "FAIR") is applied here. Other resale, broadcasting, or distribution are forbidden.

20. Trademarks

All service marks, trademarks, trade names, logos, slogans, and others are the property of the Site, or its licensors, affiliates. Any copy, displaying, or using of these marks is prohibited (unless you have a written permission of a mark owner).

21. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

Site has the right to terminate your account without noticing you, if the site had a notice about your incorrect behavior and infringe the intellectual property rights of the site.

22. Enforcement of Terms

Site has a right to take measures and enlist to verify, or enforce with any part of the Agreement (as well as cooperating with legal process that is rated to your use of Products and Service, and third party claims that the use of Products or Service infringes the rights of such third party). You agree with the right of the Site to disclose any Registration data to law authorities, third party, or government official. Site has a right to cooperate with legal processes that are related to your use of Products or Service, and if a third party states that your use of Products of Service is illegal.   

23. Compensation

You agree to properly use this Service and keep harmless the Site and its employees, agents, contractors, directors, licensors, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries and parents from any losses, claims, demand, causes of action concerning this Agreement and the use of Materials, Products, Tracks and Content and to compensate them on demand for any costs, losses, or expenses.

24. Cessation of use

If Site has suspected that you do not follow conditions of this Agreement as well as do not pay fees, or do not provide a valid credit card in order to complete registration, or indicate incorrect personal information, or violate the Rules of Usage, Site has the right to cease this Agreement or your Account without noticing you, and you will have to pay for all amounts before the date of the cessation; and you will have to eliminate the access to the Service. The Site may, at its own convenience, modify, discontinue or suspend the Service or its any part at any time.    

25. Disclaimers

Side does not give guarantees, or does not represent that your use will be error-free, or uninterrupted, and you agree that Site may cancel the Service at any time, or close it for unknown period, with or without noticing you. Side does not guarantee that any device will be compatible with the Downloads or Service. Any Site entity is not responsible for any incidental, consequential or special damages (as well as loss of business interruption, profits, business information, and others) coming from the use and inability to use of Service, Content, and Products, even though the Site has been informed about such damages.